Colorado Tech Loan Forgiveness

Colorado Technical University is currently under heightened cash monitoring by the Department of Education. Colorado Tech students verify your eligibility for loan forgiveness programs from the Department of Education.

Are You Burdened With Student Debt From Colorado Technical University?

Colorado Technical University is a for-profit university owned by Career Education Corporation. CEC has come under fire in recent years for it’s predatory recruitment tactics and low job placement rates among all of its’ schools, CTU included. As a result of this, CEC’s Briarcliffe College, Harrington College of Design, Le Cordon Bleu, Missouri College, Sanford-Brown College, and Brooks Institute are all either closing or slated to close. Colorado Technical University has only announced the closure of a few campuses so far, but the issues remain. 

In 2015, CTU had 155 complaints from military veterans using the GI Bill feedback system, ranking them the fourth highest school in complaints, behind other well known for-profits. In 2013, CEC settled a lawsuit claiming they had deceived students about accreditation and placement rates. The for-profit industry is spiraling downward, which is great news for former students. Programs have now opened allowing students to find relief from their student loans obtained at these dishonest for-profit institutions. If you attended Colorado Technical University, call 702-930-3419 to see if you qualify for student loan forgiveness. We can also assist you with your private student loans.

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For Profit Colleges & The Student Debt Crisis

Colorado Tech is a For Profit College being monitored by the US Government. All students that are no longer attending school qualify for student loan forgiveness.

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